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Contribute Documentation

Anyone can submit changes for our web site. ASF CMS sites follow a “Review-Then-Commit” model for anonymous commits.

The CMS documentation provides further information on anonymously editing a CMS site.

Steps for non-committers to modify the VCL CMS

  1. drag and drop the javascript anonymous CMS bookmarklet to your browser bookmarks
  2. select a page on our site you would like to edit
  3. open the bookmarklet you just added to your bookmarks
  4. click the Edit link for the page you’d like to modify
  5. make any changes to the page
  6. ensure the Quick Mail checkbox is selected
  7. leave dev@vcl.apache.org as the To address
  8. optionally, add your name in the Name field
  9. click Submit to send a diff of your changes to the dev list

After your diff has been emailed, a committer can then review and commit your changes.

NOTE: All contributions submitted in this way are presumed to be licensed under the Apache License (AL) version 2.0. So, by submitting content, you are allowing your content to be licensed in this way.