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Creating Base Images from an ISO - Part 1

This page describes how to create a base image from an install media.

These instructions are broken up into parts to assist in providing detailed instructions based on the supported provisioning modules and Operating Systems. The supported provisioning methods for VCL are (xCAT, VMware, and KVM).


Before getting started make sure you have the following requirements completed or on hand:

The following must be done before an image can be captured:

These instructions assume you have root access on your management node and are using a bash shell.

Preparing node under a supported provisioning system

VMware ESX/ESXi 4.x, 5.x, vCenter

The instructions assume that VMware has been configured with the following bridged networks:


Bare Metal via xCAT

The requirement in this section is to have a working xCAT system.

Next Steps - Installing OS

Install Windows OS for a Base Image

Install Linux OS for a Base Image

Configure the ifcfg-* Files

Capture the Image

The following happens once you enter an image name and press enter:

Watch the vcld logfile output to determine if the image capture process is successful or terminated because a problem occurred. When the capture process terminates, there will either be a message near the end of the output saying “image capture successful” or there will be several WARNING messages, the last of which says something to the effect “image failed to be captured”. Further troubleshooting is required if the image fails to be captured.

Add the Base Image to an Image Group

The vcld –setup utility does not add the new base image to any image groups. You must add the image to an image group using the VCL website after the image capture process is complete. Reservations for the image cannot be made until this is done. To add the image to an image group, browse to the VCL website and select Manage Images > Edit Grouping & Mapping.