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phpMyAdmin Installation & Configuration

phpMyAdmin is a free and optional tool which allows MySQL to be administered using a web browser. It makes administering the VCL database easier. This tool can be installed on the VCL web server.
  1. phpmyadmin recommends performing installation using packages available from you Linux distribution

    For CentOS, the EPEL yum repository needs to have been added (which is done for installing the VCL management node code; use yum install -y epel-release in not already installed). Use the following to install phpMyAdmin from EPEL:

    yum install -y phpMyAdmin
  2. By default phpMyAdmin on Red Hat based distros restrict access to localhost only. Modify /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf to change that. It is advisable to only allow access from some specific IP addresses or IP ranges so that phpMyAdmin is not open to everyone to try to access.

    • In the <Directory /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/> section, add

      Require ip x.x.x.x/y

      Where x.x.x.x/y represents an IP range such as Multiple lines can be added to match multiple ranges.

    • restart httpd to active the changes

      systemctl restart httpd
  3. A special database needs to be created to enable some of the more helpful phpMyAdmin functionality. phpMyAdmin provides a script for creating the database. Look for create_tables.sql (for v4.4.15.10, it was at /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/sql/create_tables.sql). Create the database using

    mysql < /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/sql/create_tables.sql
  4. A control user must be created in mysql/mariadb for phpMyAdmin to use (we’ll use pmacontrol, replace mypassword with your own password!):

    mysql -e "CREATE USER 'pmacontrol'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mypassword';"

    Save the following in a file named pmaprivs.sql to grant the pmacontrol user access to various parts tables:

    GRANT USAGE ON mysql.&ast; TO 'pmacontrol'@'localhost';
    Host, User, Select_priv, Insert_priv, Update_priv, Delete_priv,
    Create_priv, Drop_priv, Reload_priv, Shutdown_priv, Process_priv,
    File_priv, Grant_priv, References_priv, Index_priv, Alter_priv,
    Show_db_priv, Super_priv, Create_tmp_table_priv, Lock_tables_priv,
    Execute_priv, Repl_slave_priv, Repl_client_priv
    ) ON mysql.user TO 'pmacontrol'@'localhost';
    GRANT SELECT ON mysql.db TO 'pmacontrol'@'localhost';
    GRANT SELECT ON mysql.host TO 'pmacontrol'@'localhost';
    GRANT SELECT (Host, Db, User, Table_name, Table_priv, Column_priv)
    ON mysql.tables_priv TO 'pmacontrol'@'localhost';
    GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON phpmyadmin.&ast; TO 'pmacontrol'@'localhost';
    mysql < pmaprivs.sql
  5. Configure the phpMyAdmin-VCL Table relationships:

    A file named phpmyadmin.sql file is provided in the mysql directory in the Apache VCL source code. It will add entries to the pma_table_info table in the phpmyadmin database. These entries cause useful information to be displayed when you hover over values in the VCL database.

    Import the SQL file into the phpmyadmin database:

    mysql phpmyadmin < apache-VCL-2.5.1/mysql/phpmyadmin.sql
  6. You should now be able to log in to phpMyAdmin using the account set up for VCL to access the database (can be referenced in /etc/vcl/vcld.conf or /var/www/html/vcl/.ht-inc/secrets.php).