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Viewing the hostname in an SSL certificate

The hostname in an SSL certificate used for LDAP must match the hostname entered in the conf.php file (this is the SSL certificate actually installed on the LDAP server, not the CA certificate). If you have no control over making it match, you can just put an entry in /etc/hosts with the IP of the LDAP server and the hostname that is in the certificate. To view the hostname in the certificate, you need a file containing the certificate (mycert.pem is used in the example). Run the following command to see the hostname that is set in the certificate:

openssl x509 -in /tmp/mycert.pem -subject -noout

You should see something like:

subject= /OU=Domain Control Validated/CN=ldap.example.edu

The hostname is after the CN= part. So, ldap.example.edu is the hostname in this example.