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Adding Local VCL Accounts

Local VCL accounts are contained within the VCL database. The admin account is a local VCL account. Additional local accounts can be added after the backend management node component has been installed by executing the vcld file with the -setup argument:

/usr/local/vcl/bin/vcld --setup
It is safe to run vcld --setup while the normal vcld daemon process 
is running on a management node. Running vcld --setup will not 
affect it.

You will see a menu. Enter the number next to the VCL Base Module entry:

[root@mgt-node]# /usr/local/vcl/bin/vcld -setup
VCL Management Node Setup
Check Configuration
   1: Check Windows OS Module

Image Management
   2: Capture a Base Image

Management Node Configuration
   3: Test RPC-XML Access

Management Node Operations
   4: Check private IP addresses

User Accounts
   5: Add Local VCL User Account
   6: Set Local VCL User Account Password

VMware Provisioning Module
   7: VM Host Operations

Windows Image Configuration
      8: Configure Key Management Service (KMS) Activation
      9: Configure Multiple Activation Key (MAK) Activation

Make a selection (1-9, 'c' to cancel):

Enter the number next to the Add Local VCL User Account entry:

Make a selection (1-9, 'c' to cancel): 5

Enter the requested information:

Enter the user login name ('c' to cancel):

Enter the first name ('c' to cancel):

Enter the last name ('c' to cancel):

Enter the email address [not set]:

Enter the password ('c' to cancel):

After adding the local user account, you can continue to navigate the menus or press Ctrl-C to exit.