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VCL Image Scripts: Post-Load, Post-Reserve, & Post-Reservation

Scripts may be saved within VCL images which are automatically executed at specific stages of the VCL reservation process. The scripts are added by the image creator prior to saving the image. They must be located and named exactly as specified below.

For Windows image scripts, the output is saved in C:\Cygwin\root\VCL\Scripts\Logs. The name of the log file name corresponds to the name of the script. Example: C:\Cygwin\root\VCL\Scripts\Logs\vcl_post_load.log



The post-load script will be executed every time a compute node is loaded, meaning:

The post-load script is executed after all of the standard post-load steps are performed via SSH by the management node’s vcld process. For Linux images, these steps include:

It is important to recognize that the steps listed above to not include any steps related to the creation or configuration of user accounts intended for end user connections. The user accounts have not been created prior to the stage when the post-load script is executed.

The post-load script is useful for:



The post-reserve script is only executed when a user makes a reservation for an image and acknowledges the reservation by clicking the Connect button. It is executed after the standard reserve steps are performed via SSH by the management node’s vcld process. These steps include:

The post-reserve script is useful for:



The post-reservation script is executed prior to a compute node being reloaded. It does not matter if the compute node is reloaded with the same or a different image, nor does it matter if the compute node was assigned to an end user reservation or simply is being reloaded via the Manage Computers utility.

The post-reservation script is useful for: